As mentioned earlier, the ties between Vice-President Joe Biden and oil interests in the Ukraine are impossible to ignore. This month, the pentagon prepared plans to secure the rebel-held Eastern Ukraine area for drilling. The key thing to remember is that R. Hunter Biden’s company, Burisima Holdings, will be doing the drilling with Shell (the Netherlands and the British). Hunter Biden is, of course, Joe Biden’s son.


Does the Yukos logo look familiar to a certain cabal symbol? The head of this cabal, William Van Duyn, is from the Netherlands. The Netherlands is demanding $115 billion from Russia over the Yukos oil case.

Right now, a court in the Netherlands ruled that Russia must pay investors a total of $115 billion dollars over the Yukos oil case. The enforcement arm of this ruling is, of course, NATO. Congress has just made a resolution to make the Ukraine a NATO ally, which is paving the way for NATO to fight against Russia. This will involve American troops, money, and once again, it will be over private oil interests. So at this moment plans are underway for the pentagon to fight a war for the private interests of the Vice-President’s son. Does that sound obscene to you? It is also clear that Congress, more than anyone, is clamoring for a NATO-led war because it is extremely unlikely Russia is going to pay $115 billion to anyone.

That is more than the money set aside for the new BRICS banking alliance between Russia, China, Brazil, India, and South Africa; which is $100 billion, which was formed as an alternative to the IMF and World Bank. Is it any wonder why the European and American economic sanctions are designed to cripple Russia’s economy? The Bilderberg Nations dare not take on China, but Russia, they do have the impression they can actually win. However, controlling the gas supply to Europe is one way for a bankrupt IMF to fill its coffers.

Monthly press briefing by the NATO Secretary General

Bilderberger Anders Fogh Rasmussen , Secretary General, NATO, is now calling for all Europeans to prepare for war against Russia, asking member states to immediately boost spending in defense. He was at the Bilderberg Conference with Ben van Beurden, CEO of Royal Dutch Shell in May of 2014, where plans were laid out to deal with Russia over Ukrainian oil and shale gas interests and the BRICS financial alliance that is threatening the IMF. Two months later, on July 17th, we see a plane downing with mostly Dutch nationals which was falsely blamed on the Russians, according to US intelligence officials. Despite that, Rasmussen is still insisting Russia committed an act of war. From the beginning, NATO was and is controlled by right-wingers and worked with the CIA in false flag operations to eliminate leftist politicians in Europe, e.g. Operation Gladio. Henry Kissinger, an architect of that program, was also in attendance at the conference.

Earlier this year at the secretive Bilderberg Conference the Ukraine was a hot topic, as well as Syria. The elites were furious that Obama hadn’t invaded Syria and was complacent in the Ukraine, since their oil interests were at stake. Present at the conference was Ben van Beurden – CEO, Royal Dutch Shell, which has plans to start drilling in the East Ukraine once the separatists are cleared. Also present was Anders Fogh Rasmussen – Secretary General, NATO. You had Philip M. Breedlove – Supreme Allied Commander in Europe. From the US you had Henry A. Kissinger, Chairman, Kissinger Associates, Inc. There’s a little more on him, Flight MH17, NATO and Operation Gladio in another article on how this all ties in together.